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Introducing the world’s first entrepreneur-centric learning platform.


Unlike traditional education, Bootkik only teaches you what you need to know, when you need to know it. Start your own business, and learn as you go. Turn your “maybe one day” dream into “today”.


Bootkik uses intelligence to adapt your learning path to your individual strengths and weaknesses. Stop grinding through the internet to find what you need, Bootkik learns about you, and tunes up your business skills on the fly!


No more PhDs who have never started a business teaching you how to run yours. Bootkik features over 80 top entrepreneurs, experts in marketing, accounting, business and venture financing, that have seen real-world success, and they have the scars to prove it.

Lightning fast and simple

Learn what you don’t know, skip what you do. Bootkik’s tagging system breaks every piece of content into the practical skills you’ll gain by watching it. Already know how to create a profit/loss sheet? Great! Jump ahead; Bootkik doesn’t waste your time.

Solve real-world problems.

Want to put your new business skills to the test? Use your newfound expertise to help real-life businesses solve their real-life problems. Bootkik doesn’t test your textbook regurgitation skills, it helps you help other entrepreneurs grow their business.

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Learn from the Pros

Over 70 battle tested entrepreneurs coach you on how to grow your business.

Adam Keeling Keeling Audio
Alistair Shepherd-Cross Agile Recruiting
Amanda Hehr Jusu Bar
Audrey Mascarenhas Questor Technologies Inc.
Jeff LaFrenz Vizworx
Jen Carlson Baby Gourmet
Keith Driver Driver Projects
Lara Murphy Ryan Murphy Construction
Manjit Minhas Minhas Brewery/Dragon's Den
Mark Vella Advertiise
Kip Fyfe Dynastream/4iiii Innovations
Patrick Lor iStockphoto
Suzanne West Imaginea Energy
Scott Hutcheson Aspen Properties
Brett Wilson Prairie Merchant Co./Dragon's Den

“Being effective as an entrepreneur requires you to make good decisions. Through Bootkik’s cases and community discussions, you learn how to make decisions and see things from a wide variety of perspectives. I think this is the best and the most fun way to learn business skills whether you are working for a company or starting your own business."

Deland Jessop
Co-Founder, "Police Prep"

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