Just-in-time Processes



Equip Your Employees

Bootkik helps managers equip employees to spend their time doing their most high-impact, meaningful work.

How? On Bootkik, managers provide their teams with any step-by-step process their employees need to do their jobs productively. In the moment, teams on Bootkik have just-in-time access to their company’s recurring processes, such as How to File an Expense Request, or How to Onboard a New Client.

This leads to increased productivity and higher employee engagement, as employees can dedicate less time to navigating a business’ processes, and more time on high-impact, fulfilling work.



An Incredible Experience for Everyone

We built Bootkik with the employee in mind. Intuitive UI, beautiful layouts and easy-to-access content means that anyone can access their company’s step-by-step processes instantly, from their phone or mobile device.

Creating new processes on Bootkik is just as easy. As simple as building out a to-do list, you can quickly detail all the steps necessary for your team to achieve their goals. Attach videos, URLs, or deadlines to equip your employees with as much or as little as they need.